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Research and insights

If you're looking to acquire a deeper understanding of student and graduate experiences of employment and career planning, Prospects is here to help

Working at the heart of the HE sector for more than 45 years, we are the experts in graduate careers. Through our extensive research into graduate labour market trends, we have unrivalled insights into what graduates do, where they go and what their motivations are.

From careers services and universities to employers and professional bodies, our bespoke research solutions are perfect for anyone looking to evaluate, develop or improve their student and graduate engagement.

To discuss your research requirements, contact the team at and we'll get back to you to discuss your needs and provide a quote for the work.

Prospects has provided us with a raft of data and information, from regional and institutional insight right through to course level. The style, validity and breadth of data from Prospects have enabled us to facilitate constructive conversations, change perceptions and drive positive data-informed action.

- Rebecca Fielding, founder and managing director at Gradconsult.

How Prospects can help

We can support you to analyse and interpret data, providing research intelligence that has significant business impact via our portfolio of:

  • workshops and talks
  • data driven insights
  • research and surveys.

We will work with you every step of the way to identify your needs and suggest research paths that will be most beneficial.

1. Labour market

  • Regional trends and data
  • Graduate destinations
  • Supply and demand
  • Occupational shortages.

2. Student experience

  • Experiences of career and employability services
  • Engagement with work experience and internships
  • Experiences of career learning.

3. Graduate employment

  • How and why graduates progress into different roles
  • The nature of graduate work
  • Experiences of graduate development schemes, employer support and the recruitment and application process.

4. Graduate study

  • Experience of full and part-time postgraduate or professional study
  • Expectations of, and motivations for, further study.


Working with Prospects and the insight report that they have produced has challenged our thinking in relation to targeted, strategic employer engagement activity and the opportunities we generate for our students. The report has been useful for disseminating findings among our team and senior leaders. The backing of a credible labour market expert has meant that we have been able to gain the necessary support and momentum to drive positive change.

- Mark Stow, head of careers and employability at the University of Lincoln.

Prospects research services can go over and above what universities can typically do internally. They have helped me on a number of projects, from looking at the geographical movement of graduates and the types of jobs they go into to dispelling myths about the labour market. Prospects can analyse up-to-date labour market information that takes into account local granular detail in a national macro level context. This is really valuable to academic staff who have to embed employability in the curriculum.

- Dr Fiona Christie, research and knowledge director at AGCAS and senior research associate at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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